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Support and Guidance

At ӰƵ we value our students as individuals, whilst generating a strong sense of community within the College.
We place great emphasis on supporting and guiding you, personally and academically, to ensure that you achieve your full potential. Your progress and well-being are important to us and we will do everything we can to try to ensure that you make your time here as enjoyable and productive as possible.

There are always people ready to listen and provide practical help if you need it.

If you let us know that you have a disability (mobility, visual, hearing, long-standing health, mental health or learning disability), an experienced member of staff will arrange to meet with you for a pre-enrolment interview to discuss your needs and make reasonable adjustments for you if necessary. They will work closely with you and your lead tutor to ensure a smooth transition to college. You can discuss any needs which you may have with your lead tutor at any point throughout your studies.  

The Supporting You area of the website has more detailed information about the staff and services available which include:

This College allows you the space to take hold of your own learning and independence, but there are so many people available when you need extra support.

Megan B, former student

The teachers were enthusiastic toward helping me discover my path while pushing me to succeed where else I might have struggled. Were it not for the persistence of particular teachers I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.

Steven R, former student