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Tutorial Support

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Tutorial Support

At ӰƵ we place great emphasis on supporting and guiding you personally and academically.  Your progress and well-being are important to us and we will do everything we can to try to ensure that you make your time here as enjoyable and productive as possible.

Each student enrolled at ӰƵ will be allocated a Personal Tutor who will be a dedicated member of staff who will oversee your personal welfare and academic progress whilst at the College.  In addition to timetabled tutorial sessions, you will have one to one progress reviews scheduled during the year to allow time to reflect upon your progress and discuss any peresonal issues you may be experiencing. You will also be able to arrange to see your Personal Tutor in the Tutor Hub whenever you require their support or advice.  Your tutor will also help you to develop your plans about what you want to do after leaving College and will support you with achieving them.

The role of the Personal Tutor

The Personal Tutor is a key person for each student. All Tutors will fulfil the following responsibilities for their tutees:

  • Know each student in the group individually and monitor their progress and welfare referring them onto their Lead Tutor or other student support service if a need arises.
  • Monitor attendance and punctuality of their tutees on a weekly basis and challenge any concerns that may have been raised.  
  • Monitor progress, mainly through progress reviews and one to one interviews which are scheduled during the academic year.
  • Respond to any parents’ concerns.
  • Guide with initial careers and higher education advice and help with the university application process.
  • Discuss and advise on changes of course.
  • Write a reference in collaboration with subject teachers for each of their tutees.

The role of the Lead Tutors

The Lead Tutors support Personal Tutors within their team and sees students who may need extra advice or guidance.

The Lead Tutor will:

  • Follow up on persistent absences and/or lateness.
  • Liaise with Personal Tutors regarding any students identified as causing serious concerns.
  • Manage and deal with disciplinary concerns and monitor students on Contract.
  • Contact parents if the College has concerns about a student.
  • Respond to any parents’ concerns.
  • Deal with any more complex problems that may arise and support students who may be experiencing issues with regards to their personal welfare or any safeguarding issues which may arise. 
  • Discuss equality, diversity and inclusion issues and help to advance equality and diversity.
  • Deal with any reports of bullying or personal harassment.
  • Liaise with external agencies to guide, advise and support students. 
  • Work closely with the Safeguarding and Pastoral Support Manager to oversee safeguarding issues.

Health, Well-Being and Fitness to Study Protocol

ӰƵ is committed to supporting students and recognises the importance of a student’s health and wellbeing in relation to his or her academic progression. This protocol, outlines the process and procedures to be followed when a student’s health, wellbeing and/or behaviour affects their ability to cope at college, to study or progress on their course or when their health, wellbeing or behaviour poses a risk to the health and safety of self and/or others.

Download the full document here.

Health, Well-Being and Fitness to Study Protocol

Careers guidance

It is important that you can make informed choices and we give high priority to careers guidance. The Personal and Lead Tutors work closely with our well resourced Careers Department.  

More information

You will receive comprehensive information outlining College procedures when you start your courses. Further details are also provided for parents at this time. An induction course for new students is run during the first few days of your time in College.

Parents who wish to see a Personal Tutor or Lead Tutor, or a member of the Careers Department on behalf of their son or daughter may arrange a meeting through the College Office. There are regular Parents' Evenings at which advice on students’ progress as well as access to careers and higher education information.

ӰƵ was a fantastic place to study and I'll never forget my time there or the tutors that helped me. You have an increase of freedom at College and the mutual respect you receive from tutors is fantastic.

Dan B, former student